Friday, 16 October 2009

Home again

I am back home, and hope I am not tempting providence by saying so. The APs are managing with some help from the neighbours and FD, true to form, is out and about again, welcomed back by the surprising number of people on the dogwalking circuit who had missed him. And That Dog is fully recovered and as rambunctious as ever. My real crisis is averted for the time being and I am chained to my desk attending to correspondence.

I suppose it's not surprising that I am now having a mini-crise, a crisisette. I'm fretting about eveything: neglected work, neglected garden, the fact that there is nowhere in this house to out anything down any more, and I can't think what to do about it...even my neglected Other Half, since at the start of the summer I had promised that we would have an occasional day out (we can't go far as he has CFS) in our new (to us) car. We have managed a total of two outings all year; most years we make an off-season trip to Seahouses, where we share delicious fish and chips with the dogs and walk on the sands, before a quick stop in Bamburgh on the way home - high excitement in this household, I can tell you, but we haven't got that far. Not that I mind outings when the weather is colder, and the dogs don't care at all, but I just don't have time.

Instead, I've wasted time today dithering over when to go back to Devon - I'll have to go close to Christmas but I can't leave it until then. It's all getting very expensive, but this is absolutely my last whingeing session. Back to writing about nature, I promise!

To which end, I think we'll have a random armadillo to cheer us up (the last was on Geranium Cat's Bookshelf), since I find them very appealing:


elizabethm said...

I do remember that when I got back home from my long walk I nearly ruined my pleasure in it by getting agitated by the desperately neglected state of the garden. Had to give myself a quick slap about the head. You have a much greater reason for having a quick whinge! I do know how you feel.
I love Bambrough and Seahouses. Hope you get out there soon. Sounds like you could do with a day off.

mountainear said...

I've come very late to this and can offer little more than a sympathetic ear. Been there, done that. Would you like to borrow the T shirt?

Do hope you find a way through it all and a little time for yourself and OH.

Table Talk said...

We are here to be whinged to if you need it. Sometimes a good whinge is all it takes to clear your head, but you do need to have an audience. If you've got the lovely day we have today then just forget about everything that needs doing and have that day out. It'll make all the difference. PS Will you promise to say the same thing to me next time I'm having a whinge?