Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Oh glory

There are small consolations from time to time. This morning glory is a joy to behold in the mornings - I pass it on my way to the washing line. FD is out of hospital (we won't talk about the state in which they discharged him) and now feeling a little more cheerful - amazing the difference eating can make. The dog is feeling better too, which means disruptive and demanding and generally infuriating, blast him.

The late evening sunshine on the church tower is pleasing too, but I'm not going to take its picture. And coming back from shopping I saw an egret sitting in the topmost branches of a dead tree, surrounded by 4 rooks, 3 magpies and a buzzard. It looked entirely untroubled by such company, and finally the rooks went off to mob the buzzard, which was obviously much more fun.


Table Talk said...

GC I'm so glad you can find joy in such beautiful things and that you have them there around you. Just one moment can lift a whole day, can't it, and give you the strength to go on. I saw a production of 'As You Like It' last weekend and Rosalind's words seem apt here:
"The little strength I have, I would it were with you."

elizabethm said...

Powerful consolations!

Rob Clack said...

I love spotting birds, and an egret sounds pretty special! We were in Cambridge, MA last weekend and I managed to photograph half a dozen house sparrows bathing in a puddle on the sidewalk.