Monday, 28 December 2009

A last post for 2009

Poor old Cat Musings has been much neglected of late - when I finally got home from Devon I had so much work to do that I had to be really strict with myself about time spent at the computer: if I wasn't working then there were other priorities than blogging, like reminding the dogs who I was! But over the last few days I've had a little time to myself, once I had caught up with the necessary Christmas-sy tasks. No decorations this year, I put up the cards and bought a poinsettia (quite the most pathetic one you've ever seen, unfortunately, but there wasn't much choice left). Just before the holiday we'd had a complete new bathroom suite including shower installed, and I ought to be clearing off the remains of the tiles ready for redecorating before the floor is done, but it can wait a little longer.

Time to myself meant that I've installed Google Chrome on the computer, to see whether I prefer it to Firefox, and played around a bit on YouTube. After some searching, I found this wonderful piece of music, The Second Spring by Chinese singer Tsai Chin, which I loved when I was small - it was the B-side of a 78rpm record, and I couldn't remember what it was called:


elizabethm said...

Hello! I was just going through my blog list and lamenting to myself that you seemed to have stopped blogging. Decided to leave cat musings on just in case and was immediately rewarded when a blog popped up half an hour later. There is a god and he has taken to communicating via social media! Hope you have a good New year and that 2010 is an easier year for you.

GeraniumCat said...

I should have said happy new year to anyone still reading, but I was trying to talk to my mother on the phone while I finished the post - she wanted to know what an iPod was, and I was trying to explain and embed the video, because I knew I would have to go soon...Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone!

Table Talk said...

Nice to have you back GC. Maybe we will both be able to rather more regular during the new year, although even saying that is probably tempting fate. I hope it is an easier one for you, though. The Bears send their love. They're waiting for the promised snow to arrive so they can go and build a snow bear in the garden - with no help from me. I don't do snow!