Sunday, 13 January 2008

Food and drink meme - comfort food

This came from Ted at bookeywookey, and seemed appropriate as the next review here will be another cookery book. I'm a great believer in comfort food as will probably be obvious from my answers below, so I'd just like to mention that I love vegetables and really have quite a healthy diet!

What did you eat/drink today?

Leftover chicken with green pepper and noodles, with a Chinese omelette on top made with a home-laid egg. The omelette was a rich gold and tasted unbelievably good. Thanks, girls!

What do you never eat/drink?

Most seafood, to my eternal frustration, because it makes me ill. There are so many delicious-looking recipes which use mussels, scallops, oysters and so on, all of which I would love to eat, and can't. And I prefer not to eat rocket, which I hate, but it's always turning up in salads and catching me out, even at home.

Favourite failsafe thing to cook (if you cook) or defrost if you don't

Spaghetti with chillies and chorizo for an almost instant everyday meal, or macaroni (or cauliflower) cheese; if there's more time Indian butter chicken with naan. My younger son always used to request that for his birthday.

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you can always find

Cheese – we never run out of cheese – bacon, milk and yoghurt. Salad ingredients going limp. Something left over from dinner the previous evening, which will form the basis of lunch.

What is your favourite kitchen item?

I like my hand-held blender, great for whizzing soups (I like making soup, it's very satisfying, instant warmth and comfort). I also like the breadmaker, which turns out delicious naan bread with almost no effort. We always have home-made now. My son uses it to make wonderful pizza dough too.

Where would you recommend eating out - either on home turf or elsewhere?

Roti, on Rose Street in Edinburgh – Indian food made with Scottish produce. I would like to eat at St John's in London, because I love their cookery book, The Whole Beast. One of the books I plan to review here. It has to be in the right company though.

World ends tomorrow. What would you like for your last meal?

That's difficult, there's so many things I like. It would be quite unpretentious though. Braised lamb shank with mashed potato would come high on the list, maybe followed by a really perfect creme brulée. But Piperfield pork sausages could be a strong contender too, or roast beef from the herd raised in the fields around my parents' home in Devon.

I think I'll go and read a cookery book now...


BooksPlease said...

Lovely - we like some of the same things - home made bread and soup, yoghurt, pasta and creme brulee. I don't like lamb shank though.

This is a great idea - I think I'll give it a go on my blog, after I've eaten - roast chicken today.

Ted said...

I really want one of those immersion blenders for doing soup too!

Becca said...

Really wonderful answers ... I quite agree with everything, including what we both could find in our refrigerators! I received a immersion blender for Christmas and blended the heck out of split pea soup which I actually like a lot more with a bit of chunkiness.

elizabethm said...

What a good meme, both as an idea and also lovely as your answers. My fridge always contains cheese too and generally white wine as well!
Might do this one next time I blog. thanks for sharing yours.

GeraniumCat said...

Booksplease, creme brulee is just the best, isn't it?

Ted and Becca, the blenders are great, and you can leave a bit a chunkiness if you try! Not blending all of it works quite well. I bought one for my mother and she looked at me with one of those expressions that says, what did you get me this for, but now she's always telling me how wonderful it is!

Elizabeth, I forgot white wine! Usually in our fridge too.

Tara said...

Fun! I'll do this later this week. Looking forward to your cookbook reviw.

mountainear said...

Can I come for breakfast/lunch/dinner please? I would eat well 'chez geranium chat'.

I think I too share some of your favourites - although sea food (with the exception of oysters) is a must. I'm salivating right now at the thought of throwing a few prawns or scallops in with the chorizo, chilli and spaghetti.

Tasty blog!

GeraniumCat said...

Tara, I'm looking forward to my cookbook review too, but it may have to wait until after my London trip this week.

M'ear, you'd be most welcome, breakfast is usually a digestive biscuit, if anything. You'll be pleased to know that I can eat prawns and, indeed, they nearly got on my last meal list. I have happy memories of sitting in a camper van on the Scottish west coast eating prawns that had come out of the sea a couple of hours earlier - very messy and delicious.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Sounds good at your house! mashed potatoes all the way for me!

GeraniumCat said...

M&M, yes, utterly irresistible. We've been experimenting with "heritage" potatoes recently. We like Witch Hill, and Roseval for salads.

Tara said...

Did it! (Finally.)