Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tempus fugit

I haven't had a lot of time for posting recently, despite my resolve that I would try to do so regularly. In August, my two weeks' holiday was spent on exciting things like creosoting the inside of the garage and catching up in the garden then, just as I was about to get back to work, my son rang to say he was ill again and could I go to Edinburgh to look after him, please? Eight days of fretting later, I was back home and glued to the computer trying frantically to wade through the email that had accrued in my absence. I am only gradually emerging from accounts and conference notices, but at least I managed to spend Sunday morning in the garden again, having virtuously hoovered and scrubbed all of Saturday.

A lengthy battle with a ferocious hedgehog holly at least proved very satisfying, although I think I bear more scars than it does. Planted almost as soon as we arrived here, it's a creature I view with great affection, and it has been photographed in many moods. It's at its best in snow, which is beginning to feel imminent, judging by today's temperature. Despite the cold, opposite the holly is a small triumph - my hibiscus Blue Bird has had more flowers than ever before this year, and I beam at it as I pass. And we finally have a glut of tomatoes! It's gratifying to send The Dormouse off to visit his brother bearing gifts of tomatoe
s and courgettes, I feel I'm caring for him properly, even in absentia.

The paddock has been ploughed and seeded and is greening up again, much to the relief of Senior Dog and The Bolter, who thought they would be denied access for ever. They are less pleased to discover that all the vole holes have disappeared - for them, it has changed from an adventure playground, with snacks, to an arid desert. No doubt it will revert soon enough, unless we can keep up with the mowing next year. I don't recall who it was who mentioned the Flat Pack Tractor in their blog, but I haven't had a moment's rest since I rashly mentioned it to the Other Half. I should have known that he would want one and now I live in dread! Here, in the meantime, is The Bolter, heading in the right direction for once.

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