Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Even crosser!

I wish I could have shared with you the spectacular sight today of two cock pheasants fighting in the snow! They met on the garden wall, and immediately took offence at each other, fluttering down to the ground where they leapt and struck out. This went on for several minutes while I alternately watched in delight as the sun shone on pristine snow and the rich russet of their feathers as they jumped and curvetted, and cursed while I tried unsuccessfully to make the phone camera work. Wretched thing, it refused to load, and the pheasants disappeared into the hedgerow.

Now that I really want to photograph the pheasants before the snow disappears, the sun probably won't shine tomorrow. But for now, at any rate, I like this picture.


Margaret said...

That sounds so dramatic - what a shame about the phone camera, but that seems par for the course at least for me today - either the birds are at the back of the house and the camera is at the front or vice versa, or I've left the card in the computer etc.

Anonymous said...

They are the silliest birds but I love them. I can never catch them on camera doing anything interesting as they seem to have a sixth sense for anyone watching them and just scuttle off, shrieking.

elizabethm said...

What a very fine picture. We have had far more pheasants than usual up here this winter. Good job younger son's dog isn't still visiting as pheasant chasing is her only vice!