Saturday, 4 September 2010

New girls

 The Bluebell girls are getting quite elderly, and we only have three left, so we decided it was time to add to the flock. We're delighted with the four new girls - 1 black rock and three speckeldys. As with the Bluebells, where the original leader of the flock was one of the two white hens (succeeded when she died suddenly by the other one), the black rock has immediately appointed herself Chicken-in-Charge, and is living up to her name, Pocahontas. (Well, it suited her.) The others are just a little younger, I think.


Scriptor Senex said...

So what are the others called? And can you tell them apart?

Nan said...

They look a little like my Dominiques. We are also going to get new chicks in the spring. It will be four years since we've had babies, and I can't wait.

GeraniumCat said...

SS, we can, I'm pleased to report! From L to R they are: Haida, Ojibwe and Oka, but I'm afraid that Pocahontas already tends to be referred to as Pock. Every time you go up to them, the others start croon, and she's going "pock, pock, pock" with excitement. They are very sweet.

Nan, I don't know Dominiques so I Googled them - they are very pretty, aren't they? We don'r have them here at all. The Speckeldys are a hybrid - opinions on the background seem to vary, but I think they are probably a cross between Marans and Rhode Island Red (though one place I saw suggested Barred Rock). Like yours, the markings aren't as sharp as on a Barred Rock. I'm very pleased with them - I don't think they will grow quite as big as the Bluebelles we have - at the same age I think they were markedly larger.