Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spring Bluebells

It was a lovely morning, and while I cleaned out the chicken house, the ladies took a stroll. Betty has entirely forgotten her horrible experience with the buzzard, and investigated every nook and cranny under the ash tree, but the Bluebells preferred to bathe in some nice soft, dry soil. Bliss all round.


mountainear said...

I must keep my eyes open for buzzards - there are a lot around here. I too had thought they didn't pose a threat to large live birds.

There's always something isn't there. At present I'm chasing off rats and starlings.

wv is 'dipwite' which could easily be a rare breed of hen...

elizabethm said...

I would feel so bad to keep mine shut in all the time which would be the only serious way of protection. They bounce about when you go down to let them out. I am sure this is not just anthropomorhpism on my part!
At the moment I am going for letting them out when I am home, even if i am not outside.