Monday, 28 December 2009

A last post for 2009

Poor old Cat Musings has been much neglected of late - when I finally got home from Devon I had so much work to do that I had to be really strict with myself about time spent at the computer: if I wasn't working then there were other priorities than blogging, like reminding the dogs who I was! But over the last few days I've had a little time to myself, once I had caught up with the necessary Christmas-sy tasks. No decorations this year, I put up the cards and bought a poinsettia (quite the most pathetic one you've ever seen, unfortunately, but there wasn't much choice left). Just before the holiday we'd had a complete new bathroom suite including shower installed, and I ought to be clearing off the remains of the tiles ready for redecorating before the floor is done, but it can wait a little longer.

Time to myself meant that I've installed Google Chrome on the computer, to see whether I prefer it to Firefox, and played around a bit on YouTube. After some searching, I found this wonderful piece of music, The Second Spring by Chinese singer Tsai Chin, which I loved when I was small - it was the B-side of a 78rpm record, and I couldn't remember what it was called: