Wednesday, 11 February 2009

In the snow

I wanted to share some pictures of the Cheviot while it was still completely shrouded in white, it has been so beautiful. This was taken the other evening:
It's very hard to take good pictures in the evening; my camera isn't really good enough. Despite the difficulty, I'm trying to take pictures of it in all its moods.
And here it is this afternoon.

All the snow on the trees and hedges has gone, but there is still some lying on the ground. And here, from the sublime to the faintly ridiculous, is our resident pheasant, taken by my son on a miserable day last week. Actually, he is exceedingly well fed, picking up any corn the chickens have missed and a wide variety of snacks from the bird table.


Nan said...

The pheasant is like a bright flower in the snow. I loved all your pictures. Do you pronounce Cheviot - chev ee ott with the accent on the chev?

elizabethm said...

We have a resident pheasant too! he sits under the bird feeders and picks up stray seed. This is a favourite place for the chickens too and it looks funny to see them all together, the pheasant like someone who has come to a party dressed to the nines and found everyone else in jeans.

GeraniumCat said...

Nan, just so!

Elizabeth, I think our pheasant regards the hens as part of his harem, he hangs out round their run a lot, shouting his head off. They aren't very impressed, despite his good looks.