Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Displacement activity

Two minutes free before lunch to air my frustration at not being out in the garden! It's a beautiful day and if it weren't for the now-looming conference I would take an hour off to go and plant the potatoes. As it is I may have to send a son to plant them, as my weekends for the whole of April are all taken up: conference this weekend, then as soon as I get back I've got a book to typeset – 13 days for 16 chapters, and the punctuation has to be anglicised too. Then a Devon visit, and that's April over. No time to garden, and very little time to tend my blogs, or to read other people's. Please forgive me, all you lovely people who comment here, if I am neglecting you, I promise to catch up with all your news whenever I can.

This morning, sitting at my desk in the window and looking out at a bright – and untidy – garden, while I'm supposed to be creating hyperlinks in a book to be viewed online, I admired two goldfinches in the ash tree, and tried to avoid a pair of collared doves which were full of the joys of spring. They look so prim in their Quaker plumage, too.

Ah well, back to the grindstone – last year's AGM minutes to be done for next week (heaven only knows where my notes are...)


Nan - said...

I love the image of a "desk in the window." And the view you have sounds perfect. Good luck with your April. I'm sure you'll find much beauty traveling to your conferences, and of course to Devon. Ah, to be in Devon in April. Don't worry about blogging or visiting blogs; just let the month put its magic into your soul and you'll feel fine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pressure. I have always avoided a desk in the window for the very reason that I know I would get less than no work done at all. I'm very envious of your goldfinches. Here the magpies scare all the smaller birds away.

mountainear said...

I sit open mouthed in front of a window too! (I am watching green finches as I write this.)

With a schedule like yours for April I think a few minutes bird watching is permissible - healthy even.

elizabethm said...

We had greenfinches at our feeders today too. I work at a desk by the window and have just planted my potatoes. Strange to feel the echoes of my life in your blog! I hope the conference planning is going well. You sound to have so much on - make sure to enjoy some bits of spring too if you can.

GeraniumCat said...

Well, I've survived the conference, at any rate. Now just the book to do, but at least for a week I'm back at my desk in the window and watching the wrens. Must get a son to plant potatoes though!

There was a magpie trapped in the hall of residence the evening we arrived at the university - I tried to let it out of a window but couldn't open it, so had to report ot to security. I hope they found it - everytime I saw one for the rest of the week, I wondered if it was the same one!

Lesley said...

How great your blog looks now you've changed from 100% reverse 'type'. It's so much less of a strain to read!
Thanks for dropping by while I was away, and for your kind wishes.