Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter eggs

Today's "new look" post is specially dedicated to Nan, of the wonderful Letters from a Hill Farm which I always read with pleasure.

I think I have mentioned before that one of the Bluebells approaches egg-laying with a good deal of enthusiasm. This was her Easter offering: you can see beside it a normal egg, which weighs 68 grams. The big egg weighs 102g and has a shell which looks as though it might suitably house a baby ostrich. Recalling Walter Wangerin Jr's Book of the Dun Cow I wouldn't be surprised if it would hatch a basilisk – be prepared to read in the newspapers that Northumberland has been laid waste!

Faced with such largesse I have been baking. I had been planning to whisk up a few peanut butter cookies, as recently made by Cornflower, but my son – briefly home for Easter - mentioned peanut butter brownies so, between cleaning windows, watering houseplants and generally trying to prepare for a frantic week, I went for speed, and measure-not-weigh.

Being so proud of the Bluebells' achievements, I had to photograph the eggs as I added them:

Turning the mix into the tin I got carried away: the chocolate sprinkles happened to be in the cupboard, although I can't imagine why!

The end result was greeted with approval, and I still had time to do some serious work. I'll try the cookies next time.


Anonymous said...

The Bears and I are coming to tea - although they are bothered by the idea of basilisks and have gone to look them up in the dictionary!

GeraniumCat said...

You're all most welcome - but I have an awful feeling I might have meant a cockatrice, which may cause even more consternation.

Nan - said...

You may imagine my surprise when I stopped by this morning and saw my name! It so surprised me that it took a minute to 'see' the new colors. I love them! Isn't changing one's blog a bit like repainting a room or moving the furniture? :<) Anyhow, I love the new look. I know just what that is like - my son will drop in and mention some particular food from his childhood, and I'm off to happily make it for him! Thank you for a beautiful, and beautiful looking blog.

elizabethm said...

Very impressed by the eggs. The largest we have had was a double yoker nearly twice our Edith's normal size. Sure she had the chicken version of a pained expression.

mountainear said...

The layer of our super-size eggs is currently off-lay. A well deserved rest I think.

Never had anything quite as humongous as yours though. Hope it is neither basalisk or cockatrice - I don't like the sound of either.

GeraniumCat said...

Nan, it felt surprisingly like repainting my favourite room - very refreshing!

Elizabeth and M'ear, I never quite know what I'm going to find when I collect the eggs. I wonder if they will go off lay early, as they have taken to it with such enthusiasm.